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The Annunciation, Leonardo Da Vinci, circa 1472

The Annunciation, Leonardo Da Vinci, circa 1472

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The Annunciation - Leonardo Da Vinci. 98x217

Leonardo Da Vinci (1452-1519) worked on this painting while still in Verrocchio's workshop. He made several sketches of Mary’s cloak and the robes of the archangel Gabriel, and based on these drawings he rewrote the draperies, which resulted in voluminous folds. Then Leonardo re-wrote the head of the archangel Gabriel, making her slightly bowed, but did not have time to make changes to the image of Mary, whose pose does not look quite natural. The one whose brush went here before Leonardo probably did not know the laws of perspective too well. But all these errors unexpectedly show how difficult it was to master the techniques of realistic painting that seem so natural in the paintings of Renaissance masters.

Preserved executed by the artist at the same time pencil and ink drawing, on which Mary bowed her head, covering her eyes, her hair was pulled from above with a ribbon with a precious brooch, and silky locks scattered over her shoulders. Leonardo, apparently, cherished this subtle, poetic image born under his pen so much that he painted a separate small picture on the subject Annunciation.

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