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Portrait of Bia de Medici, Agnolo Bronzino, 1542

Portrait of Bia de Medici, Agnolo Bronzino, 1542

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Portrait of Bia Medici - Agnolo Bronzino. b4x48

Agnolo Bronzino, who worked for the Duke Cosimo I of Medici, like many court painters, sought to convey in portraits not so much the inner world of a person as the sensation by those whom he captured of their high position. From here - some detachment of the people depicted by him. But in the presented portrait, the girl, despite all the solemnity of her posture and a slightly "closed" expression on her face, is full of charm, like any child. At the same time, some sadness emanates from her. Maybe the fact is that this is a posthumous portrait of the daughter of Cosimo I Bianchi, who was diminutively called Biya.

She was born even before her father’s marriage with Eleanor of Toledo from a woman whose name was known only to the duke and his mother. Biya died as a child, her father ordered Bronzino her portrait, and the artist painted a little girl with rosy chubby cheeks and an adult look, looking, as it were, at the viewer, but also past him.

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