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Museum of Informatics, France, Paris

Museum of Informatics, France, Paris

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Business district Paris - Defense is famous not only for its luxurious offices, the presence of a large number of people making money, but also First European Museum of Informatics. Museum visitors are offered a fascinating tour of the history of computer science, an introduction to the first personal computers of the mid-20th century. Here are presented and modern devices, which are just getting ready for launch on the market.

The entire historical path of the development of computer science is inextricably linked with the achievements of computer technology and various computers. And the speed of the emergence of new types of "smart" machines in recent decades has increased particularly. The computer has penetrated into all spheres of human life - from professional and state activities to everyday trifles. The computer is equal in its popularity and distribution in the world with a mobile phone, and these two inventions can no longer exist and develop without each other. But only fifteen to twenty years ago it was difficult to imagine such progress. The younger generation believes that information technology has always existed. It was for this that it was created computer science museumto show how the development of the first computers began in small steps, what parameters they possessed, how a person’s thought progressed. Visitors can visit computer room of the 60s of the last century, to get acquainted closely with the device, which could perform computational operations, equal in volume and complexity to a modern mobile phone.

Museum of Informatics there is a very short time - only since 2008, but quickly became popular among locals and visitors of Paris. Often there are various lectures for their students and universities in Paris, based on excursions. The museum’s exposition is an exhibition space with an area of ​​400 square meters, on which very interesting specimens are located, for example, invented back in 1908 vacuum tube. Admirable world's first micro calculator French Micral 1973. But the museum’s most valuable exhibit is American-made supercomputer Crayweighing one and a half tons. Total over 200 unique exhibits. The Parisian Museum of Informatics did not ignore such a common notion as the Internet today. A separate exposition presents the history of the Internet, the path of development of computer networks. In total there are more than two hundred unique exhibits.

The museum is happy to receive visitors every day of the week, seven days a week. The ticket price for adults is 9 euros, and for children 7.5 euros. The slogan of the Museum is “Find out the past, understand the present and imagine the future!” As it characterizes the presented exposition.

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