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Description of the painting Letter from the front, 1947, Laktionov

Description of the painting Letter from the front, 1947, Laktionov

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A letter from the front - Alexander Ivanovich Laktionov. 155 x 225 cm

Canvas "Letter from the front"Brought the artist great fame. Written on still fresh recollections of the years of the war, it found a warm response in the hearts of Soviet people.

The picture is a genre scene with successfully found "life" staging. There is no unnatural posing and unnecessary pathetics, such a scene on the sunlit porch could be seen in every house where the long-awaited front-line letter came. In every family, in these joyful moments, everyday activities were immediately postponed and a message was read that was entrusted to the eldest son in this work. His relatives posed for the artist; Seeking to convey all the smallest details as accurately and reliably as possible, Lactionov acts as a true "writer".

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