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Dessert (Tray with Waffles), Bozhen Luben

Dessert (Tray with Waffles), Bozhen Luben

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Dessert (Tray with Waffles) - Bozhen Luben. 41x52

French artist Bozhen Luben (circa 1612-1663) painted religious images and worked in the still life genre.

Still life Dessert (Waffle Tray) laconic: a glass of the thinnest glass filled with wine, a straw-braided bottle with "divine nectar" and a round tray with several wafer tubes lying on it. The rigor of construction and minimalism in the careful selection of objects enable the viewer to focus on them and feel the aesthetics of the French style. To mitigate excessive rigor and smooth out the emphasized straightness, the tray with the treat is slightly extended over the edge of the table. This introduces dynamics into the composition, increases the depth of space and creates an almost illusionistic effect of the materiality of things.

Each object exists as if apart from the others, being a self-contained “hero” of the canvas. Things are perceived not as everyday things, designed to serve in a person’s daily life, but as almost cult, sacred.



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