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The painting "The ship of fools", Jerome Bosch

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The ship of fools is Jerome Bosch. 57.8x32.5

In the picture of an outstanding Flemish painter Jerome Bosch (circa 1450-1516) a small boat with several people on board is shown, it can be seen that they represent different sectors of society. Rampant amusement reigning among them threatens the stability of the boat and can plunge "fools" into the water. All figures and objects have a certain symbolic meaning and personify human vices: intemperance, debauchery, drunkenness, gluttony, vanity. Cherry (on a platter) and a lute symbolize debauchery, a vessel worn on a spear, like an owl, calmly looking at what is coming from the branches of the May Tree, is a sign of Satan.

Perhaps the basis of the picture "The ship of fools" lies the plot of the eponymous work of Sebastian Brant (1494). According to Devagelare, a researcher of the master’s work, this picture is “a satire on the moral licentiousness of the clergy, allowing the ship of the Church to sail without a helm and sails, neglecting her duty to save souls - swimmers near the boat."

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