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Portrait of a Camargo dancer, Nicola Lancre

Portrait of a Camargo dancer, Nicola Lancre

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Portrait of the dancer Camargo - Nicola Lancre. 45x55

Nicola Lancre (1690-1743), one of the talented followers of Antoine Watteau, inherited his light brush, softness and poetry of colorful relationships, plots. The 18th-century French master also liked to portray actors of the comedy del arte in the stages of performances, concerts in the bosom of nature, gallant festivities. His works are a kind of art document, which accurately reflects theatrical costumes and gestures of actors, directorial finds and features of productions.

An elegant chamber portrait also belongs to such paintings. Marie-Anne Kupp de Camargo - famous dancer of her time. She invented the shoes still used in ballet, shortened her skirt, which allowed her to introduce new steps to the dance. Actually Camargo is the founder of ballet in its classical sense. The dancer was very popular and loved by contemporaries, this explains the success of the canvas and its numerous author's repetitions, options. The main composition in them remained the same, only the partner or color of the dress changed, the number of accompanying musicians among the scenery depicting the park increased or decreased. The portrait turned out to be so beautiful thanks to the soft golden-pink color and light, graceful execution in the rococo style.

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