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Perspective with a Portico, Antonio Canal (Canaletto), 1765

Perspective with a Portico, Antonio Canal (Canaletto), 1765

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Vista with portico - Antonio Canal (Canaletto). 1Z1h9Z

During his stay in Rome in the 1719-1720s, Canaletto created the scenery for the operas Domenico Scarlatti. It is also known that it was here that he was captivated by the art of Dutch Vedutists (painters who specialized in the views of cities) and bambo chanthi (the so-called masters from different countries who worked in Rome and wrote urban street scenes). Bambochanti, unlike the Dutch genre writers, never allowed ridicule and sarcasm in their compositions. Canaletto learned lessons from their art in a free, sketchy manner, as well as accurately conveying perspectives.

This later work of the artist with a venetian porticooverlooking a charming courtyard, with precisely prescribed details and magical lighting, served as a good example, a study tool in the field of perspective, but it was originally performed as a qualification work of Canaletto himself and was intended to occupy the post of professor at the Academy of Painting and Sculpture.

Her copy of the brush of the Russian painter F. Alekseev is widely known - “Internal view of the courtyard with a garden. Loggia in Venice ”(1775), which was called the Russian Canaletto.

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