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Dressing Minerva, Lavinia Fontana, 1613

Dressing Minerva, Lavinia Fontana, 1613

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Dressing Minerva - Lavinia Fontana. 260x190

Born into the artist’s family, Lavinia Fontana (1552-1614) received painting lessons from her father Prospero. In her works, she developed the traditions of the Bologna academic school inherited from him and often turned to the characters of ancient mythology.

This picture shows Minervaidentified by the Romans with Athena Pallas. The goddess of wisdom and the patroness of warriors is presented dressing in her outfit. Her armor is on the floor - a helmet, a shield, a cuirass, and a spear stands at the entrance to the balcony. The whiteness of the heroine’s graceful body is highlighted by the rich colors of the interior, in which red and golden tones predominate. The solemnity prevailing in the canvas due to the presence of ammunition, magnificent drapery and decisiveness with which Minerva puts on clothes is combined with the tenderness of her appearance. Cupid, raising the helmet of the goddess, introduces into the canvas a light, playful stream, characteristic of the painting of academicians.

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