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Literary Museum in Moscow, Russia

Literary Museum in Moscow, Russia

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Museum of Literature, located in Moscow, is the largest museum of the museums of the history of Russian literature in Russia. And already in 1934 it was combined with a literary museum, after which this museum became known as the State Literary Museum. The initiator of the creation of the museum, as well as its first director, was V. D. Bonch-Bruevich.

Today the literary museum has 700 thousand unitswhich in one way or another relate to the history of Russian literature, some of which are very ancient. The museum's collection includes various ancient manuscripts, editions of writers with their autographs, manuscript books, the most unique photographs that can not be found anywhere except in the museum. There are also many posters, posters, there are even video recordings of writers' speeches.

The museum is located in Moscow, as we already said, in the Naryshkinsky chambers of the High Petrovsky Monastery. The museum is open to visitors every day except Sunday. The ticket price is small - up to 100 rubles.

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