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Artist Karl Pavlovich Bryullov - biography and paintings

Artist Karl Pavlovich Bryullov - biography and paintings

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Karl Pavlovich Bryullov Born in St. Petersburg on December 12, 1799. All his brothers studied at the Academy of Arts, in which their father taught.

In childhood, Bryullov I was very sick. Until the age of 7, he almost did not get out of bed. But his father was very strict towards him, and forced him to draw the required number of figures, horses, along with the other brothers. If Karl could not or did not have time to do this, then the least punishment for him was to remain without food. And once, for a similar offense, the father hit the child so hard that Bryullov remained deaf in one ear for his whole life.

At the Academy of Fine Arts, Karl studied well, and excelled all his comrades. The teachers were amazed at how well this boy draws. After graduating from the Academy in 1821 with honors, Bryullov joined the Society for the Promotion of Artists. It is thanks to the funds of this society that he goes to Italy, insisting that brother Alexander, who graduated from the academy in one year with him, also went there. It was to leave for Italy that Karl Bryullo became Karl Bryullov at the insistence of Alexander I.

Bryullov's life in Europe

Bryullov visited many European cities, but he liked Italy the most, and he spent more than 12 years here. It was here that Bryullov took place as an artist, became a famous and popular master.

Life in Italy was stormy and fun. By 1829, Bryullov officially terminated the contract with the Society for the Encouragement of Artists, which provided the artist with the means of life. Perhaps this was facilitated by the order from Bryullov of the painting "The Last Day of Pompeii" by the Russian rich Demidov. Bryullov painted the picture for 6 years.

Bryullov's return to Russia

In 1834, Bryullov was called to Russia by Emperor Nicholas I. His painting "The Last Day of Pompeii" was exhibited at the Academy of Arts. Leaving Italy, he left his love there - Countess Samoilova, who also loved the artist very much.

In Russia Karl Pavlovich Bryullov became a hero. He was greeted with flowers and glee. But personal life in Russia left much to be desired. He fell in love with Emilia Timm, who was a virtuoso pianist. Everything was fine, but on the eve of the wedding, she confessed to the groom that she had been living with her father for a long time. Nevertheless, they signed, but after the wedding, nothing has changed. Emilia’s father used this marriage as a cover, and after 2 months Bryullov had to terminate the marriage.

After this incident, various gossip went, and Bryullov was rejected almost everywhere. The artist began to get sick often, and especially his heart condition did not give him rest. In 1849, he went abroad for treatment, and, in the end, ended up in Rome in 1850. There he died two years later, on June 23.

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