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Village Holiday, David Teniers the Younger, 1646

Village Holiday, David Teniers the Younger, 1646

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Village holiday - David Teniers the Younger. 97,5x130

The picture takes place during the feast in honor of St. The date on the banner (1646) may indicate that Teniers witnessed a particular village holiday.

According to Kling (2005), Teniers performed this work by order of the Ghent Bishop Anthony Trist. In his collection, the painting was from the beginning of 1647 to 1657 (the year of the death of the clergyman). Probably, the artist depicted on the right, in the foreground of the composition, Anthony Trist himself, who came to see the festivities. It is presented on the canvas not in a cassock, but in the long-sex clothes of a commoner, with a wrinkled hat on his head and with a staff in his hands. According to Klinge, this work was seen and praised by Archduke Leopold Wilhelm during a visit to the house of the Ghent bishop in November 1647.

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