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Sforza Castle in Milan - location map

Sforza Castle in Milan - location map

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Museums in Italy are very popular among tourists due to their unique exhibits. A special place here is Sforza castle, which is a museum complex. This historical monument is located in the very center of Milan and throughout the centuries-old history of the city had the value of a defender against external enemies.

Sforza Castle more than once undergone reconstruction, as its walls have seen and withstood many attacks. Great damage to the castle was brought not only by external causes, but also by the endless struggle for power within the city. At the beginning of the 20th century, great work was carried out on the castle by architects and restorers, which returned to this building all its splendor.

Museums in Sforza Castle enthrall their visitors since 1905. At the same time, the castle was given over to the city. These include a musical instrument museum, prehistoric, ancient Egyptian and many others. All these places can be visited, paying at the same time no more than seven euros.

The main museum values ​​are on the ground floor of the castle. These include paintings by Bellini, Lippi, Mantegna, Correggio and frescoes by Leonardo. The sculpture “Pieta Rondanini” deserves special attention. She was the last work of Michelangelo, which he never had time to complete.

The second floor can please you with a unique collection of musical instruments, and you can also see interesting tapestries that previously belonged to the Sforza family.

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