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Biography of Gustav Klimt, a description of the paintings

Biography of Gustav Klimt, a description of the paintings

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This article is dedicated to today's event. July 14, 2012 Gustav Klimt would have turned 150 years old. In his paintings, frank eroticism was often present.

Klimt's father was also an artist, as well as a gold engraver. Mother all her life dreamed of becoming a musician, but she did not succeed. The Klimt family had 8 children, Gustav was born second.

The child’s childhood passed in poverty, despite the good profession of his father. The country did not have a permanent job, so I had to endure financial difficulties. Gustav studied with his father, but already in 1876 he entered the art and craft school, where his brother also entered in 1877. All three sons of Ernest Klimt became artists in the future.

The brothers worked together for a long time, frescoed theaters, various buildings, museums. In 1888, Gustav received a well-deserved award - "Golden cross"From Emperor Franz Joseph himself. Everything went well, and things went uphill, but in 1892 the father and brother of Gustav Klimt died, and therefore the whole responsibility for providing the family fell on the shoulders of the artist.

Gustav Klimt He wrote a lot, especially when he and his family went to Lake Attersee, and this was quite often. It was here that he performed his beautiful landscapes. This is the only genre that interested the artist, where people did not appear. But despite this, many scientists find human figures in the landscapes of Klimt, and there is some truth to this.

In 1894, Klimt received one of the largest orders. It was necessary to write 3 paintings that would adorn the ceiling of the University of Vienna. So, in 1900, “Philosophy”, “Medicine” and “Jurisprudence” were born. But society did not accept these paintings, considering them too frank, and therefore they were not exposed at the university. This was Klimt's last public order.

From the beginning of the 1900s, the so-called “beginsGolden period»The artist’s work. It was at this time that such paintings as “The Palace of Athens”, “Judith” and others were created. At this time, society adequately perceived the work of Klimt, but not only because of this period was called golden. In the artist’s paintings, the color of gold and gilding very often prevailed, which fans of his work really liked.

Gustav Klimt led a normal lifestyle, worked a lot, and at home. He was a famous artist, so orders came to him regularly, and he took only for interesting ones. Women posed with great pleasure, some of them were prostitutes. Klimt said that he was not interested in painting self-portraits, it was much more exciting to paint other personalities, and especially women. Gustav argued that his paintings can say a lot about him, just enough to carefully consider them.

February 6, 1918 biography of Gustav Klimt ends. He died of pneumonia, having suffered a stroke before it. He is buried in Vienna. Today is the 150th anniversary of the birth of this remarkable artist and this date should not go unnoticed. Well, as we promised at the end of this article, you can watch a video dedicated to the paintings of Gustav Klimt.

Watch the video: Women in the Art of Gustav Klimt 1 of 2 (June 2022).


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