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Children's Museum in Rome - Explora Museum

Children's Museum in Rome - Explora Museum

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In Rome is the original Children's Museum Explorawhich in the original in Italian sounds Explora il Museo dei Bambini. In addition to the fact that the museum can run and have fun, unlike school lessons, here, during the games, children will be able to learn about the various laws of physics and even put on some small experiment.

Explora Museum not difficult to find. It is located in Borghese Park. A very funny inscription flaunts in front of the museum entrance: "Entrance for adults without children is prohibited!" Yes, that's right, adults without a child will not be able to get into the room. Inside, the museum really looks childish. Bright colors, various pavilions for children from 1 to 3 years old, and for older children - as many as four thematic pavilions: “I”, “Media”, “Society” and “Environment”. The name of the pavilions speak for themselves.

In the children's museum children will be able to learn why to wash their hands or brush their teeth, learn about the human body - all this is presented on dummies and mannequins. Also, children will be able to walk around the large city, which is presented on the city layout, learn the rules for crossing the road, and also why to protect the environment, and older children will be able to try themselves as a TV presenter and study the history of television and radio.

Very often, the museum holds lectures for parents on very important topics that will help in raising children. The museum employs good specialists, educators and psychologists. Parents will be able to leave their child with animators for an hour as part of the “Hour Without Parents” promotion. The Explora Museum has a good restaurant, an excellent children's park and a shop.

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