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State Museum of Modern Art, France, Paris

State Museum of Modern Art, France, Paris

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State Museum of Modern Art in Paris is one of the parts of the center of Georges Pompidou. It has already represented more than 60,000 thousand works, including painting, sculpture and other forms of art. The museum's collection is constantly updated.

Along with the main exposition, the museum often hosts temporary exhibitions that reflect contemporary French art, and often go beyond the scope of traditional art forms. Mostly the 4th floor is reserved for temporary expositions, and on the 5th there are about 900 paintings, sculptures and various designer photographs of the main museum exposition. Here are represented such areas of art as cubism, Dada, Fauvism, and others. Visitors to the Museum of Modern Art will be able to see the works of Matisse, Dufy, Brahe, Picasso, Duchamp and other paintings by famous artists.

It’s easy to conclude what to visit Modern Art Museum It will be interesting to many art lovers who are interested not only in old styles of painting and sculpture, but also in contemporary works of art, which are abundant in the museum.

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