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Jacquemart-Andre Museum, France, Paris

Jacquemart-Andre Museum, France, Paris

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In Paris is Jacquard-Andre Museum, which differs from other museums in France quite significantly. They were husband and wife.

Andre was born into the family of a banker. The family was rich, and therefore, from an early age, Jacquard Andre began to collect paintings. He truly loved art. He met his future wife when she painted his portrait. She was a well-known artist quite in wide circles. All the paintings that the couple brought from different countries (mainly from Italy - this was their favorite country, to which they visited every year) were exhibited in Andre's house, located on Osman Boulevard 158. The architect of this house was Henri Paran. Construction was completed in 1875.

After Andre's death, the wife handed over their huge collection and the house itself to the institute of France. So her husband wanted. Soon, in 1913, the Jacquemart-Andre Museum was opened here.

The main parts of the Jacquemart-Andre Museum

- Front chambers. Here you can see mainly paintings by French artists, as this hall was intended for various receptions of guests.

- Informal chambers. This room was intended for meetings where informal communication with friends and acquaintances of the couple took place. The room is very elegantly decorated, which speaks of the good taste of Neli and Edward.

- Winter Garden. A magnificent garden, which is made at the highest level. It was the winter garden that Paran devoted the most time to building the house.

- Italian Museum. The name of this room speaks for itself. As we noted earlier, Italy was a favorite country of collectors, and therefore a huge hall is allocated for Italian painting in the museum. Here you can see a huge collection of Italian sculpture of the 15-16 centuries, as well as a lot of paintings on religious topics.

- Personal chambers. Here, Jacqumar and Andre rested from their travels. Personal chambers give the house a certain tranquility and peace.

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