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Card Players, Lucas Hagens van Leiden (Luca Leiden)

Card Players, Lucas Hagens van Leiden (Luca Leiden)

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The players on the cards are Lucas Hagens van Leiden (Luca Leiden). 55.2x60.9

An excellent artist and draftsman, Van Leiden often wrote entertaining scenes from everyday life. He combined the accuracy and veracity of the image of individual figures, details of everyday life with a deep interest in human personality.

Elements of carnival and colorful coloristic combinations and psychological expressiveness of the heroes' images were reflected in the presented car, which attracts with a wealth of bright colors and a well-thought-out composition. A group of smartly dressed men and women dressed in fashionable felt hats and beautiful dresses settled around a table for a card game. Some are watching indifferently, others are showing increased interest in what is happening and suggest something, whisper to the players. The lady at the table on the left points to the deck near her, the man in the red hat and cloak points to gold coins. Everyone is waiting for the next move.

Card game scene - A plot quite often found in works of world painting. He was approached by Caravaggio and Georges de Latour, Valantin and Jus van Kraesberg. For artists, he was interesting in that he allowed to depict the behavior of people, passion, intrigue, to show a psychological duel between the players. Also, in such paintings a secret message was encrypted, the essence of which was known only to the initiates. Those who knew how to "read" the card moves of the heroes and their gestures were exposed to many details of the characters' lives.

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