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Camille Pissarro - a brief biography and description of the paintings

Camille Pissarro - a brief biography and description of the paintings

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Camille Pissarro (1830-1903) - the oldest of the Impressionists. In 1841, parents sent the eleven-year-old Camille to study in France, at Passy College. Returning, he began to work in his father's shop in the port. For five years, the obedient son was engaged in an unloved affair, having difficulty taking time for drawing.

In the early 1850s, he became friends with the Danish artist Melby, under his influence he abandoned hateful trade and in 1852 he left with him in the capital of Venezuela, Caracas. In 1854, Pissarro returned to St. Thomas, but a year later he left for France, now forever. There he enters the School of Fine Arts. Coro and Courbet had a great influence on his formation as an artist.

Acquainted with Monet and his work, he borrowed from him the principle of color decomposition. Pissarro managed to use all the acquired skills that the artist received from his teachers in his work.

Starting from 1866, his palette became more and more brightened up, he enthusiastically learned to write an air environment penetrated by sunlight; at the same time, he began to write with a spatula, conveying a sense of form with large “luminous” strokes. As a result, he created his own solid and confident artistic style.

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