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Orchard in bloom. Spring, Camille Pissarro, 1877

Orchard in bloom. Spring, Camille Pissarro, 1877

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Orchard in bloom. 65x81

In the world there are not many canvases on which spring nature would be depicted as well as in the painting Pissarro Orchard in bloom. Spring. The artist had long dreamed of working on a landscape at this particular time of the year. To this end, he travels to Pontoise, intentionally changing the region, climate and, of course, nature itself. Moreover, Pissarro decides to change even the technique of execution so that this landscape is completely different from the previous ones. The artist recreates the radiant atmosphere of the awakening of spring nature, stunning with its pristine nature and some kind of understatement, not so much through the saturation and depth of color, but with the help of juicy, energetic strokes that create the feeling of waving trees in bloom.

The richness of color helps convey the expressiveness of this time of year. Pissarro either mixes the colors on the palette or uses clean paints, and the transitions between them are practically not noticeable: the painter puts a large number of dots on the canvas - round or elongated, convex or flat ”- which, overlapping each other, create a texture that looks like a bud, ready to crack open.

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