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Pysanka Museum in Kolomyia - description and location on the map, Ukraine

Pysanka Museum in Kolomyia - description and location on the map, Ukraine

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For a long time in Ukraine there is a special type of activity, this is egg painting, which only very skilled craftsmen were engaged in. This art is called pysanka. This is where these works of art are stored. Until this moment, painted eggs were kept in a variety of buildings and museums, but after long wanderings and moving, a modern and magnificent museum building was nevertheless built.

The museum, which collected a huge number of painted eggs, is also built in the shape of an egg, made of glass. This museum even won the honorary title of the largest egg in the whole world. The speed with which this huge egg was built also affects a huge number of people, since the builders passed the object exactly three months after the start of construction. The museum building is three-story. Each floor has its own specific features. For example, the bottom of the egg (first floor), symbolizes the womb, and the third floor is decorated with drawings of magnificent stars and the luminous Sun. It is worth noting that in some cities of this area, where the art of pysanka flourished in ancient times, various buildings and structures in egg shape were also built.

There is a huge number of Easter eggs, the oldest of them date from the nineteenth century. Basically, the museum presents only Easter eggs of local masters, but there are also works that were brought from distant exotic countries or from various European countries. Each pysanka is an exclusive work of the master. For the manufacture of painted eggs using special wax technique, which appeared in the village of Kosmach. That is why such a technique is called Cosmas. When performing such a painting, wax is applied to the egg with a thin stick, which has a metal watering can at its end. It is worth saying that the cost of an ancient pysanka is quite high, because all the work is done manually. The approximate cost of one painted egg in translation to Russian rubles is about 100 rubles.

If any famous person visits the Pysanka Museum, be it a politician or an actor, then this person must leave his autograph on a special egg. This egg also becomes a museum exhibit. To date, the museum has collected about a hundred of these eggs on which there is a painting of famous people.

Eggs from the museum in Kolyma glorified throughout the world, because it is one of the important symbols of calm and harmony throughout the earth, as well as a symbol of life and love. If you want to see the real story of this magnificent art, you must definitely come and visit an unusual and beautiful museum, which presents all the splendor of this art form - Easter eggs.

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