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National Air Force Museum

National Air Force Museum

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The U.S. Air Force Museum has many different galleries, which we will cover in detail in this article. In total, the museum has 360 aerospace vehicles, many rockets, most of which are of historical value, as well as thousands of equally valuable items that were on board the aircraft. Let's move on to the exhibitions.

The very first - The Early Years

This section provides the real magic and magic of this rather interesting time, when the development of airspace was just beginning, together with the active participation of the air forces. Collections, airplanes and exhibitions, which for the most part cover the time period, from the Wright brothers to their contemporaries, are very interesting. This entire incredible collection covers the period from the First World War to the second.

World War II Aviation

The main points of rapid courage and heroic courage were well displayed in the gallery of the museum, which is dedicated to the Second World War. In addition, there is also the world's best collection of aircraft of the time, various expositions and exhibitions that tell the whole story of the heroic moments of the air forces of the United States of America. The gallery also covers the most basic and key points, figures, companies that participated in the hostilities at the Pacific and European theater of operations.

Korea War Aviation

The gallery of the war in Korea also contains artifacts and aircraft that can talk about the role and full participation of the US Air Force in this conflict, which took place on the Korean peninsula. In addition, visitors will be able to carefully trace the entire history of the formation of the air force, with very significant changes in tactics, equipment and roles during this war on the Asian front. The two brightest aviation representatives of that war, the symbols of the air forces of both sides of the Mig-15 and F-86A Saber in this exhibition are opposite each other.

Space Rocket Gallery

It was opened recently, in 2004. Visitors will be able to carefully examine the missiles such as Titan 1 and 2, as well as the so-called Jupiter. It can be seen from ground level or bird's-eye view by climbing to the platform. Thanks to the active continuation of efforts to collect the latest, modern exhibits of this museum, you can fully see the Apollo 15 command compartment, Gemini and Mercury capsules, satellites, rocket engines and many other interesting objects.

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