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Anne Frank House Museum in Amsterdam, Holland

Anne Frank House Museum in Amsterdam, Holland

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Amsterdam is a very amazing city. On Prinsengracht 263 is located Anne Frank House Museum.

To begin with, let's see who Anna Frank is and why a museum was opened in Holland in honor of her. Anna is a little Jewish girl who was hiding from the Nazis in this house for a long time. She was not there alone. Together with her, another 7 people lived in this shelter house. But this is not the main thing. Anna kept a diary in which she wrote down everything that happened in her life, starting from the moment she got into this house. And now let's talk about everything in order.

It all started back in 1933 when Otto Frank (the girl’s father) moved with his family to live in Holland. Before that they lived in Germany. Oto Frank immediately got a job at a company that produced jam. It was a profitable business, and their family did not need anything. But their measured life was broken by the Second World War. In 1942, Jews living in Holland began to receive summons, according to which they should come to work in correctional camps. But the Otto Frank family did not. The whole family moved to the office where the family's father worked. This office served as a refuge for Jews for a long 2 years.

The friend of the Franks family, Mr. Voskvidzhl, contributed to the shelter. It was he who invented this world-famous wardrobe, behind which there were secret rooms. During the day, almost no one spoke and did not move much, since there are always a lot of people in the office. At night, when everyone was going home, the Frank family taped the windows with black paper and turned on the lights. The rooms contained chairs, tables, beds, and a toilet. Sometimes, on weekends, the inhabitants of the shelter went into the office itself and walked around it.

Unfortunately, on August 4, 1944, the Nazi authorities received a denunciation. They did not hesitate, and immediately searched the house. The whole family was exiled to concentration camps, although this story could have a very different end.

The building where the Anne Frank Museum is located

The house was built already in 1635. At first it was a mansion, then this house was converted into a warehouse. After that, the house was the production of household appliances, and, in the end, the company Opteka moved here, in which Anna's father worked. At the end of the 50s of the 20th century, a decision appeared to demolish the building in which the museum was located. But that did not happen. Subsequently, the Anne Frank Foundation was organized. The funds raised were spent on the restoration of the building, as well as on the acquisition of a new building, located opposite.

About the exposition of the Anne Frank Museum

The museum has been operating since 1960. The museum exposition tells about the life of Anna, as well as about other inhabitants of the shelter. There is a biographical film about Anna, which is shown at the very beginning of the visit. Here are various materials about fascism and the Holocaust. By the way, who cares, you can read about the Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington. In addition, in the exhibition you can see the Oscar figurine. She is here for a reason. In 1959, she received actress Shelley Winters, for her role in the film "Anne Frank Diary." Well, and the most important thing that can be seen in the museum’s exposition is, of course, the original of the same diary of Anne Frank.

The museum is open daily except January 1 and December 25. Tickets cost from 3 to 6 euros.