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Escher Museum in The Hague, Holland

Escher Museum in The Hague, Holland

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In November 16th of 2002, the Hague opened an interesting Escher Museum. In this article, we will examine in detail what the museum is like, give some historical facts and add photographs of the exhibits.

The museum building itself hardly stands out from the surrounding houses. You can even say that it looks very modest. But going inside everything changes. There are very beautiful halls with unique exhibits that you will not find in any museum in the world. Before we start describing the exhibits, let's figure out this ...

Who is Escher and why did they create a museum named after him?

Maurits Cornelis Escher is a Dutch graphic artist. He was a genius of his time, but, as often happens, his work was not recognized by society. First of all, he became famous for creating unique engravings and lithographs on wood and metal. In addition, he conducted psychological research on the perception of three-dimensional objects. His work is truly magnificent.

The exhibits of the Escher Museum and a description of the museum building

The building is three-story. There are two stairs in the courtyard of the museum. One of the stairs was intended only for Queen Emma, ​​who, as we mentioned earlier, lived here. It can be said that this was the royal staircase along which the empress and her two court ladies walked. Another staircase was for servants, and looked much more modest.

On the ground floor, the museum presents the early work of Escher. Then the artist did not really know how and what to draw. These were his first experimental works devoted to geometric shapes and lithography. The second floor is already more interesting. There are a huge number of famous works, as well as preliminary sketches for them. In addition, in one of the halls on the second floor you can watch a video about the artist. The third floor is dedicated to entertainment. Smiles and laughter always reign here. Here are the photos taken on the third floor:

I would also like to note that in each hall of the museum there are magnificent chandeliers. Below you can see their photos. These chandeliers were created a year after the opening of the museum, in 2003 by the Dutch sculptor Hans van Bentem. He really liked Escher's bizarre work, and without hesitation he decided to make chandeliers appropriate to the exhibits of the museum. Now you can appreciate their beauty and mystery.

Skull chandelierSmoking pipe chandelierSpider Chandelier

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