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Salvador Dali Museum in Figueres, Spain

Salvador Dali Museum in Figueres, Spain

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Dali Museum located 140 km from Barcelona in the picturesque town of Figueres. The maestro wished to donate the museum. And not an ordinary museum building, but a theater - a museum. Today, this construction site is considered one of the largest exhibits of surrealism on the entire planet and the most visited Spanish museum. The artist possessed a unique visual perception and did not see objects like many of us, but rather the ideas laid down inside each thing.

Dali decided to re-equip the old theater building, which was destroyed during the civil war. A huge dome formation was built on top of the stage, the audience hall was divided into several sectoral zones for demonstration exhibitions of various orientations. Dali personally painted the entrance to the lobby, drawing his image and the image of Galla, at the time of washing the gold items in Figueres. He was not able to work together with someone together, but he always listened to an interesting opinion and tried to apply it for practical purposes. It was thanks to hints from the outside that he chose as the basis for his future masterpiece - the ruins of the Principal theater building.

The museum officially began operations on September 28, 1974. In addition to canvases, in this extravagant building, one can find “pen samples” by the master in holography, sculptural masterpieces, installations, photo art and in paired canvases of the spectroscopic type. The theater - museum as a whole houses approximately 1,500 exhibits.

The building is decorated with intricate eggs on the outside, and most visitors are perplexed by this building: it is as if covered with a red mantle, and huge eggs are imposingly located on the roof. At the entrance to the room you can see Newton, who spread his arms, having a hole in his head. In the courtyard is Dali's famous creation: a black Cadillac with strange characters, on which rain spills.

The museum exposition helps to see the whole artistic nature of the author: from impressionism, cubism and futurism to surrealistic delights. In addition, in this room you can see the activities of other masters, as well as personal collectible works that the maestro, El Greco and Marcel Duchamp had. In 2001, the Dali Hoyas jewelery exhibition was opened, consisting of 39 works made of pure gold and precious stones, as well as approximately thirty drawings and design sketches.

If we talk about the working museum process, then at the moment there is a visit to the museum in the evening from 22.00 to one in the morning. Such a chance can be used only in August. Audiovisual accompaniment awaits night visitors as well as a glass of delicious playful drink.

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