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Amsterdam History Museum

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The history of Amsterdam dates back to 1275, when two poor fishermen settled on the banks of the Amstel River. It is from this time until now that the expositions are told Amsterdam History Museum. served as an urban orphanage. In the XVII century, it was expanded and reconstructed according to the design of Hendrick de Keyser and Jacob van Kampen - the famous architects of Holland during the “Golden Age”, and in 1976, after renovation, they placed Museum of History collection.

Now it is a whole architectural complex of buildings and courtyards, which also includes the gallery of honorary citizens of Amsterdam, which is a street between Begeinhof and Kalverstraat, closed with a glass roof. Their huge portraits made in the 17th century are exhibited here.

Museum expositions are located in 24 rooms on 3 floors of the building in chronological order. Here you can find a collection, starting with the first archaeological finds and the famous wooden map of Cornelis Antonis "Bird's-eye view of Amsterdam", to this day - about various subcultures, about religion, about football fanatics, about the prerequisites for drug liberalization in the city.

The exhibits include paintings by Dutch masters of various eras, photographs, household utensils, costumes, reconstruction of ancient buildings. Historical exhibits intersect with interactive attractions, so in the exposition about the art of playing the bells, those who wish can try to play them themselves. An interactive walk around Amsterdam in 1920, captured by a cyclist with a camera on his shoulder, is also popular. You pedal and you get the complete illusion of a bike ride around the city.

Modern equipment, an abundance of interactive materials and a fascinating, almost gaming, way of delivering information, as well as the presence of audio guides, including in Russian, leaves museum visitors, both adults and children, very good memories of visiting the Museum of the History of Amsterdam.

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