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Painting Italian noon, Bryullov, 1827

Painting Italian noon, Bryullov, 1827

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Italian noon - Karl Pavlovich Bryullov. 64x55

The most popular work of the artist, sorted into hundreds of thousands of lithographs, reproductions, embroideries, mosaics, puzzles. Why is there such a demand, such popularity? It is obvious that in the sincerity of the artist, who managed to convey his admiration for beauty, youth, light.

At the sight of a magnificent bunch of grapes, the girl is openly admired by this manifestation of natural generosity. This is the plot of the work. The sunlight is mesmerizing inside each berry, in the hot radiance of golden earrings, in the heroine’s big brown eyes. The barely noticeable blush on the cheeks of the heroine creates a surprisingly reverent and fresh image. A white blouse sets off the swarthy velvet skin. A girl who has absorbed the rays of the hot sun, as if radiates warm light herself.

The dark green leaves of the vine, an old staircase, a wicker basket - details designed to emphasize the brightness of the midday sun, the warmth of a summer Italian day.

A girl, a bunch of grapes, the sun - add up to a harmonious harmony that distinguishes all the artist's works.

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