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Painting Beekeeper, Kramskoy, 1872

Painting Beekeeper, Kramskoy, 1872

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Pasechnik - Ivan Nikolaevich Kramskoy. 63x49

A sunny morning in the apiary, a colorful, almost fabulous beekeeper patiently waits until his wards bees finish collecting nectar from wildflowers to mow unnecessary and unnecessary plants.

The owner of the apiary is full of patience, devoid of any vanity. His touching attitude to bees is the result of many years of experience with honey wards, an innate sense of harmony with nature, and a careful attitude to it. The character of the hero is indicated by some details that the artist draws the attention of the audience to: a cross (large, peasant), a key on his belt (speaks of neatness, even pedantry), a short-cut beard (so that bees cannot get tangled), neatly combed hair, and impeccably clean clothes. Before us is a person living according to special laws, most likely, far from other people. He is accustomed to loneliness, finds in it a special charm.

Sunlight concentrates on the hands and face of the beekeeper. The apiary behind it looks like a mysterious town. The path, compositionally dividing the picture into two parts, simultaneously marks the border of the bee kingdom and the presence of man in this special bee world.

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