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Museum of Roman Civilization in Rome

Museum of Roman Civilization in Rome

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Almost every major European museum has a collection of artifacts dating back to the era of ancient Rome. The most complete exposition, representing antiquity, offers Museum of Roman Civilization (Museo della Civita Romana) in the capital of Italy.

The museum is located in the southern part of the Eternal City, near the important transport artery Via Colombo. The nearest metro station is Fermi. Nearby is the sports complex Three Fountains and the Congress Palace.

The area of ​​the museum is huge. If you do not have an hour to visit this place, then you should not go there. A full visit with an inspection of all the halls takes from two to four hours.

Museum exposition

Conventionally, the entire museum exposition can be divided into three parts. Part one - This is the story of the development of Rome from the construction of the city to the great empire. Antique architecture and sculpture are presented. Fragments of once magnificent buildings (palaces, triumphal arches, temples). Sculptures of emperors, ancient gods, numerous sculptural portraits. In addition to the originals, the museum’s collection contains many carefully restored exhibits, replicas.

Of particular interest to visitors are the reliefs of the famous column of Trajan, the arch of Constantine, as well as the restored interiors of the temple, library and living quarters of palaces and villas. Separate rooms are dedicated to Julius Caesar, Augustus, as well as the Julius-Klavdiev family.

Separate halls tell about the armament of the Roman army, as well as models of the most famous buildings, plans of the city in ancient times.
The exposition dedicated to the beginnings of Christianity in Rome offers a collection of ancient tombstones, inscriptions. There are several restored sarcophagi.

Second part The museum is dedicated to the life and work of the Romans of the Republic and Empire. Each room is dedicated to a separate topic: school, law, life, libraries, music, entertainment, etc. There are collections giving an idea of ​​the science and literature of Rome, of medicine and agriculture, of industry and hunting.

The third part of the museum - A huge layout of Rome during the heyday of the empire on a scale of 1: 250. The model was created on the basis of archaeological excavations and ancient sources.

Unusual placement of exhibits in the halls, comprehensive information in the guidebook, competent guides - attract a large number of tourists to the museum. A special program is provided for children. The museum’s store has a huge number of books, cards and video discs.

The museum is currently closed for renovation and reconstruction. After the opening, visitors, in addition to the previous exhibits, will be able to use numerous electronic devices to obtain information, view videos, etc.

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