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Noon (Rest on the Flight into Egypt), Claude Lorren, 1661

Noon (Rest on the Flight into Egypt), Claude Lorren, 1661

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Rest on the way to Egypt (Noon) - Claude Lorren. Oil on Canvas, 113x157 cm

It is no coincidence that the artist chose a holy biblical story for his sublimely beautiful landscape. And where else could a believing Catholic place the Holy Family for rest - the Virgin Mary, the baby Jesus, the betrothed Joseph and the angel accompanying them? The idealistic picture of the story with a herd of peacefully grazing, majestic trees, graceful bridges and bewitching long-range plans only complements what is happening - the temporary shelter of God himself, the little Jesus.

He plays on his mother’s lap, Mary, before him is a kneeling Angel, and a little further - the tender elder Joseph. The cowherd boy, embarrassed, hastily leaves - who knows, maybe in order to tell people about his wonderful meeting?

Incredibly light and warm, soft golden light penetrates the entire space of the picture, combines foreground, middle and background. Lorren portrayed his "Noon" unusually fresh, like a May morning, almost "paradise" and peaceful.

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