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Painting Nerd, Perov, 1874

Painting Nerd, Perov, 1874

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Nerd - Perov. 65,5x79

An enthusiastic person is a hero of Russian culture in the second half of the 19th century. Clothing gives us a representative of the middle class - an ordinary black hat, a light jacket, and a somewhat artistic looking bow. Having discovered an interesting plant, the hero is focused only on it, he does not notice anything around. On the contrary, his faithful companion, a hunting dog, sensed something. Perhaps this is the presence of the artist himself, or maybe a bird in the tall grass. Another second and the brave guard of his master will desperately rush for the prey.

Amazingly carefully, the author writes out each stalk and wild flower in the meadow. A colorful and flowery meadow, as the third hero of the picture, acting not only as a background, but as an independent part of the work.

The summer sky, entangled in light clouds, completes the composition, transmitting summer heat, sunny bliss and a light breeze. A nearby churchyard emphasizes the proximity of the village and the church. But here, on the field, a riot of natural colors, smells, sounds begins.

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